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Business Gift Card Information

Plastic Gift Card

Plastic Cards will be presented by customer.  These are redeemed like any other MasterCard.


E-Gift Card

e-Gift Cards purchased on line will be presented by customer on either their phone or printed out.  These are redeemed like a phone order would be handled.

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POS System

Manual Merchant Registration for POS Systems Registered outside of Brookfield

To manually register merchants to accept the Brookfield Gift Card card - each business will need to run a virtual "enrollment card" through their point-of-sale machine.


Here are your enrollment card details:

5313  6726  6564  6623

11 / 29


If requested, any zipcode will do


Once you attempt to charge the enrollment card (it can be for any amount but we recommend $1), we will be able to capture the information we need to add you to the list of accepted businesses.


Please note: it is normal for the payment to fail. That is the expected behavior. The merchant needs to see a clear decline to know that the card was successfully attempted to be processed. This is all we need to to receive the information on our end. 

For Assistance contact or



Please reach out to Cindy Klima at with any questions. We look forward to bringing more business to you!

The Brookfield Gift Card is a MasterCard and works like any other card but is unique because it can only be used in Brookfield.

Brookfield is launching this program to bring more attention and money to Brookfield businesses. 

This new community gift card may be used at ANY Brookfield business including the gas station, a favorite restaurant, grocery store, coffee shop, retail or service business within the Village boundaries. Additionally, the gift card can be used to pay for a Village water bill, Parks and Recreation programs, and all the great programs and community events that accept credit card payments.


Gift Cards can be purchased at Village Hall, Fill My Jar and through the Chamber of Commerce.

Plastic and e-cards can be purchased by visiting


Watch social media for other promotions and pop-up locations to purchase cards.  These gift cards are a great way to spread the word to friends and family about all that Brookfield has to offer and show our businesses how important they are to our community.

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